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A letter from the Principal, Jayne Barnett

Student Free Day
The Student Free Day held on Monday 21 October was very successful. Teachers and teacher aides were involved in learning more about current evidenced based research and how we can better plan to support students academically, socially and emotionally on their learning journey. Thank you to the staff who provided morning tea.
Teacher Professional Development
Russell Island State School has a high priority to the ongoing professional learning in the school.
Teachers are highly committed to continuous improvement of their own teaching and focused on the development of knowledge and skills required to improve student learning.
It is important that principal and school leadership team, support the development of staff into an expert and coherent school –wide teaching team, as this is central to improving outcomes for all students. Staff must keep abreast of research that can inform teaching practice, understand and use effective teaching methods to maximise student learning. From time to time, throughout each year teachers will attend Department of Education workshops that provide intensive professional learning.  Our teachers will be undertaking such learning next week- for our P-2 teachers and in week 6 for our other class teachers. This professional learning will be across three days. Teachers will be replaced and student learning will continue as per timetabled.
World Teachers’ Day Friday 25 October 2019
Friday 25 October is World Teachers’ Day. At Russell Island Stae School we are fortunate to have fantastic staff who put in many extra hours planning, researching and identifying resources to provide the best possible learning for your children. Celebrate with us by letting your child’s teacher know how much you value their efforts.
Pre Prep Transition Program
Our second of five pre prep sessions was held this morning. It was such a positive and warm atmosphere this morning as children settled and interacted calmly and happily with staff and each other.  All children received their next two quality picture books. Children have been so excited to be given these delightful books as some of the books are their very favorites that they borrow from the local library but now children can have them at home all the time to enjoy reading and rereading.
I look forward to seeing everyone again for the following three Friday mornings: 9:00 to 10:00 am.
If you have not yet completed your Prep 2020 enrolment application please do so as soon as possible. Prep 2020 Enrolment packs are at the office.
Attendance: Whole School Year To Date % is 90.4%  Term 4 –separately- so far is 89.9%
Each class reaching 93% or above by the end of the term means a class pizza party!
Class Results for Term 3- up to Thursday 24th October
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Regular attendance is an extremely influential factor in students achieving and being successful academically, socially and emotionally at school and in their working lives.
A friendly reminder that If you are dropping off lunch, other items for your child or wanting to get a message to your child, it is vital that you report to the office. The office staff will assist you and this way class lessons are not interrupted.
Thank you for continued support and cooperation in making Russell Island State School a great school!
Warmest regards