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Robotics with Mr Bliss

Australian inventor of the Roomba Vacuum – the most common robot in the world - Rod Brooks said last year here in Brisbane at the world’s largest robotic conference that the world’s population was aging without the necessary new generations of labour to produce what we need.
He called this the silver tsunami and described how robots can solve our problems
To position Australia’s robotic future my good friend Dr Sue Kay CEO of CSIRO’s Advanced Robot labs at Pullenvale wrote what she called the Robotics Road Map.
In terms of Robotics and Coding Education Russell Island State School has commenced the new Digital Technology and Design curriculum due to for full implementation in 2020 nationally.
Russell Island State School is ready for the robot revolution.
We have an excellent range of robots from the floor robot Beebots you code with directional arrows to its …
Bigger brother bot the Bluebot and its connectivity to our ipads.
Floor bots are a crucial part of Digital Technology.
Just ask the Preps. Who have mastered them in magnificent fashion.
Preps, like all classes, code commands into robots.
Coding is sequencing and patterning to create a product. Not unlike knitting or playing music.
We use the Beebots and Blue bots in different applications according to the curriculum.
We are integrating our robots into other subject areas including maths and science
My job here is to build teacher capacity with our wonderful robot collection by working alongside teachers and their students, so I am in classrooms every week with your children.
Our middle primary robots are Ozobots – a small golf ball sized line following robot. They are very versatile and we code them with colour sequences on paper pathways and on the computers and iPads with what we call a visual programming language or block coding. We can also draw with both Beebots and Ozobots with special pen holders made for us by Victoria Points State Highschool’s 3D printers
Our upper primary robots are Spheros . These are blue tooth coded waterproof plastic balls and have been featured in recent Star Wars films as the robot character BB8 which was a real robot unlike the original CP30 and R2D2.
Our Spheros in Year 6 were on show, like our Beebots in year 1, when the Education Minister and Director General visited our school. We have been block coding Spheros to improve our study of angles, compass points and shapes. 
Last week for the first time we painted with Spheros laying down a shallow tray of paint & students guided the spheros through the paint to make random patterns and modern art.
How we use robots is only limited by our imaginations. The design phase of an application is what I love best. That’s where the magic happens
Students at Russell Island have already started their robot revolution.
We have had visits from 56 Creations to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial thinking so critical to STEM competitions we call hackathons.
We sent our first small team of year 5s to Innovate, at Alex Hills High and came a close second to Thornlands in the video game competition.
Our capable team of Lachlan, Emily, Zenia and Sam have inspired others to create with Scratch, an online game block coding program, which is free to use, and they are already expanding their game building to 2 players tutoring others of different year levels.
Redlands is a hive of STEM activity and the Council is a strong supporter of innovation.
We have our own genuine robotics company Freelance Robotics in Neumann Road Capalaba owned by our good friend William Payon
So there is much happening and still more to come.
We are preparing our students for a changing world with 21st century skills!!
Mr Simon Bliss