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Our staff 2019

Ensuring the overall well-being and development of all individuals is very important to us. All of our students, from Prep to Year 6, are nurtured and cared for by experienced professionals who have a genuine empathy for our students and a strong commitment to our school and the greater community.
Russell Island State School is a place where relationships matter, where caring for and knowing our students as individuals are two of our core values.  We have been very fortunate to have a great line-up of very committed, talented and skilled teachers and teacher aides for 2018. Each class has a teaching team that includes a teacher and teacher aide/s; as well as a number of other teacher and teacher aides who form our Support Team. We are also supported by auxiliary staff such as a School Chaplain, Systems Technician and Guidance Officers..
Staffing 2019 
Below is a list of staffing and classes for 2019. These have been compiled on current number projections and will be subject to change should student numbers differ. Classes will not be finalised until Day 8 (11th February) as this is the day Department of Education allocates staffing.
Principal: Mrs. Jayne Barnett
Head of Student Engagement and Curriculum : Mrs. Kim Crawford (Acting)
Head of Student Services and Guidance Officer: Mrs. Lisa Beutel & Lynne Kendall
Prep: Mrs. Rachel Mohr and TA: Miss Kristie
Year 1: Mrs. Suellen Quinn and TA: Miss Georgie
Year 2: Miss Justine Brinkworth and TA: Miss Georgie
Year 3: Mrs. Bonnie Williamson and TA: Miss Lilly
Year 4: Mrs. Toni Shepherd and TA: Miss Lilly
Year 5: Miss Caitlin Harwood and TA: Miss Meg
Year 6: Mrs. Jackie Brunton and TA: Miss Meg
 PE: Mr Teale Weller and TA: Miss Donna
Arts: Mrs. Therese Flynn-Clark (Wed, Thu & Fri)
LOTE (Japanese): Natalija Denis-Picton
Health / Student Learning Support: Mrs. Lise Cormack
Student behaviour support: Mrs. Kim Crawford 
Library Resource Manager: Miss Kat Chilton-Lahey
Chaplain: Mr.  Grant Lea
Teacher Aides: Ms. Meg Cornthwaite; Mrs. Donna Costall; Mrs. Georgina Roarty; Ms. Donna Holland;  Ms. Nicky  Oomens; Miss Kat Chilton-Lahey; Mrs Lilly MacDonald
Office Administration: Mrs. Karen Lyons; Mrs. Robyn Knight;
ICT support: Mr. Glen Lyons
Schools Officer: Mr. Larry Hoffman
Cleaners: Marivic Christensen