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Behaviour management

Behaviour Management
Our School's Behaviour Management Plan has been developed in collaboration with our school community. It articulates a range of responses including whole school, targeted and intensive behaviour support as a means of facilitating positive learning and responsible behaviour in students. This document has been revised in 2016 to better reflect our PBL framework.
What is PBL? 
Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an evidence-based whole school framework that actively promotes positive behaviour. It enables students to develop a clear understanding of required expectations, become responsible for their own behaviour and work together to create a positive, productive and harmonious learning community. Our school-wide behavioural expectations/ rules are:
We are Responsible, Respectful, Safe Learners
Our rules are represented through our Russell Island Turtle Mascot.
Each week, teachers will explicitly teach and reinforce expected behaviours through focused lessons which involve discussion, role play and reflection. Refer to Matrix of Expected Behaviours for more information.
Why PBL?
PBL is systematic and evidence-based. It is based on research and is designed to support all students to achieve their best academically, socially and behaviourally. 
Parental Support:
Parent support of PBL is also a fundamental element of the framework. We value parent contributions at our school and encourage parents to contact the school to discuss any aspect of the Russell Island State School PBL framework.  
Our Rewards System:
Our school-wide rewards system acknowledges both the whole school and individual students who have made positive progress towards displaying our school-wide behavioural expectations. The rewards system is a tiered system and has three levels which will include:
Level 1: Weekly Recognition
Turtle Tickets ‐ are awarded to students for displaying positive behaviour in the playground and classroom. Students who receive one or more tickets during the week, will go in the draw for a chance to win a reward on parade. Turtle Tickets continue to accumulate for each student throughout the year.
Level 2: End of Term Recognition
Students who have less than 2 minor incidents will be rewarded on Turtle Day with a sausage sizzle.
Level 3: Level achievement Recognition
Students who reach each level of turtle tickets achievement will receive special recognition at parade as well as a choice from the matching prize level box.
Red -10 tickets
Orange - 20 tickets
Yellow - 30 tickets
Green - 40 tickets
Blue - 50 tickets
Purple - 60 tickets
Example consequences for yellow (minor) and red (major) behaviours:
* Verbal warning
* Catch up on missed work
* Natural consequence
* Verbal apology/ explanation
* Written apology/ explanation 
* Time out in classroom
* Walk with adult on duty 
* Buddy class and Responsible Thinking Reflection sheet
* Supervised time out during playtime
* Reflection Time in Office
* Parent contacted
* Reflection Time in Office
* Parent contacted
* Individual behaviour plan
* Ineligible to participate in school event e.g. excursion/ camp
* Ineligible for school leadership position
* Internal suspension
* Suspension (1-10 days)
* Suspension (11-20 days)
* Alternate program
* Flexible timetable
* Exclusion
Further Information:
For further information regarding Positive Behaviour for Learning, please refer to the RISS Behaviour Management Plan.pdf , or contact the Principal.
Further documentation: